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Conscious Parenting: an introductory workshop

This workshop will introduce you to the principles of conscious parenting. You will leave with strategies to apply at home. Some of the topics we will cover are:  The basics of conscious parenting. Create a more fulfilling parent-child relationship. The Iceberg, what...

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Conscious Parenting a 4- week workshop

Do you need help in figuring out how to get your kids to listen?Does parenting feel harder than you thought it would be? Are you tired of yelling? Come take a deep dive into the world of conscious parenting. When the old way no longer works, it is time to invite in...

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4-Week Meditation Workshop

Are you stressed out?   Do you want to learn how to incorporate meditation and relaxation into your daily life? In this 4 week workshop you will learn how to: Relax your mind and body.Anchor the feeling of relaxation so you can access it at anytime.Use...

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Certificate Courses:

Each of these courses are two day programs. The completion of both allows you to become certified as an An-Ra energy healer. Course 1: Spiritual Journey WithinThis is the foundation class.  It is a stand-alone class and the pre-requisite class to An-Ra Healing...

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Healing your heart through meditation

In this workshop you will learn about the heart chakra. Learning Objectives: Why is the heart chakra important. Discover emotions you are holding in your heart chakra that are ready to be released. What are the limiting beliefs...

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From the brink to balance: strategies for a healthy life

We all want to feel in control in our lives, but many times do we behave in out of control ways.   In this workshop we are going to learn how to bring ourselves back from the brink of our emotions and not react in an out of control way.  We will learn...

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