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A 4-Week Live Webinar Master Class with Janet Philbin, A Deep Dive into The Spiral of Healing.

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I am offering a very special live webinar master class. In this master class we will spend 4 weeks exploring the 4 components of the Spiral of Healing; Feel, Heal, Grow and Love. In this live master class, Janet will take you through all of the components of The Spiral of Healing. Each week will focus on one component of the Spiral, allowing the student to understand all of the concepts, how to apply them in their lives and to their own healing process. By the end of the 4 weeks the student will be able to use the concepts of the Spiral of Healing in their lives to help them successfully move through challenges more easily and successfully. The spiral becomes something that we are always traveling as we heal.

Week 1- January 6, 2021 8 pm EST- Feel

Week 2- January 13, 2021 8 pm EST- Heal

Week 3- January 20, 2021 8pm EST- Grow

Week 4- January 27, 2021 8 pm EST-Love

All sessions are recorded and stored in teachable for you to always return to and access.

When you purchase the class you will be given access to register for the live webinar on Zoom.

Show Up For Yourself- A Deep Dive online course

Brand New online self paced course based on the award winning book.

Here is preview: https://www.parents.revolutionizinglife.com/p/show-up-for-yourself-a-deep-dive/

Purchase today and begin your own hero’s journey to show up for yourself on September 29, 2020

Here are some highlights

  • Extra bonus material developed just for this class
  • Learn directly with the author of Show Up For Yourself, Janet Philbin
  • Get to know your inner child.
  • A unique learning experience.
  • Learn about your chakra system.
  • Hypnosis- what is it and why does it work?
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the Spiral of Healing
  • It is a bargain, only $37.95
  • This class is stuffed full of new material and stories not included in the book.
  • Take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

Here is the link to get your access: https://www.parents.revolutionizinglife.com/p/show-up-for-yourself-a-deep-dive/

Show up for yourself-The path to emotional healing with Deb Blum



Janet and I focused on emotional healing in today’s discussion.  Janet has such a depth of experience and training in the area of healing on a cellular level.

She shared a bit about her own path to spiritual awakening and healing. We talked about how so many of us feel afraid to go into our pain but that it’s never as scary as we fear it to be. But that we do need to feel the feelings in our body in order to heal and that all of us have an inner child that needs to be attended to.

This episode was filled with so much good stuff. If you want to heal and find your way to a place of less suffering and more inner peace, Janet shares so much wisdom. Tune in to learn more! 

Parenting in the Thick of it- Showing up for yourself During Covid19

Have you ever wondered HOW you show up for yourself? And what does it really mean? If you are curious, you will want to make sure you catch this episode where I discuss just this with Janet Philbin. Janet is a friend, colleague, author of Show Up For Yourself, therapist, hypnotherapist, parent coach and more and you will LOVE everything about her. She is amazing. Tune in…